LPG Gas Safety Checks

Fixed LPG gas appliances including gas fires, cookers and boilers should be serviced regularly and safety checked every year.

For landlords, this is a legal requirement and checks must be completed by a gas safe registered engineer.

A qualified engineer can check the safety of your appliances, make sure they are running as they should and repair any faults.

At Sylvadale, we’re qualified to carry out gas safety checks on LPG appliances and provided the relevant documentation and reports. You can have complete peace of mind that your appliances are safe to use.

We’re qualified to install, repair and service LPG appliances such as LPG fires, LPG boilers and LPG cookers. Our engineers will ensure that your appliances are fitted correctly, running as they should and are considered safe to use.

By choosing Sylvadale, you can have complete confidence that your gas safety checks will be carried out to the highest standard. That’s because we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to all of our customers. You can expect reliability, honesty and quality every time. You’ll receive thorough checks and full accurate reports for your gas safety records.

Our qualified engineers carry out checks on flues or chimneys to ensure that fumes are being safely removed. We ensure that there is an adequate supply of fresh air for gas to burn properly. All safety devices are inspected and any faults reported with recommendations for repair. If any appliance is deemed unsafe to use we’ll switch it off until it is made safe.

As well completing these checks we also provide advice on the safe use of appliances. We can show you how to check gas canisters and ensure safe storage and use. Plus we’ll ensure you know how to operate your appliances safely.

Ensuring that your LPG gas safety checks are being completed regularly helps you maintain a safer home for yourself or your tenants. By using a qualified gas safe engineer you ensure that you are legally compliant and that the servicing of your appliances is carried out to a high level. LPG appliances can become very dangerous if not serviced and maintained correctly and we can help you keep them safe.

Make sure that your gas safety checks are carried out in line with legal requirements by using a gas safe registered engineer from Sylvadale. We don’t compromise on safety.

For gas safety checks on any LPG appliances call our qualified team today.