Boiler Repairs

Has your boiler broken down? Is it making worrying noises? Are you having problems with the heating systems in your home?

If your boiler is playing up or has given up completely, then it could need replacing. However, it may just need a replacement part or a full service.

Power flushing could also improve the efficiency of your heating system by clearing out dirt, sludge and rust, which could be causing the problem.

Our heating engineers will be able to investigate what is wrong with your boiler, provide expert advice and recommendations, and make any necessary repairs.

Our heating engineers are trained and qualified to install, repair and maintain all types of boiler. If your boiler is not working correctly or has broken down completely, then we can find out what is causing the problem.

We believe in providing an honest service. If we think that repairing your boiler is the best option, then we will do this for you. If we think that repairs will only be a temporary solution and boiler replacement is the most cost-effective option, then we’ll make this clear. We’ll make recommendations on the types of system that are best for your needs.

Boilers always seem to break down at the most inconvenient times and you’ll want to get yours fixed as soon as possible. At Sylvadale, we do our best to get to emergency breakdowns as quickly as we can. We don’t want your home to be without heat a second longer than it has to be.

We’ll find out what has caused the problem and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We’ll let you know what the problem is, whether it is likely to happen again, any further action that is needed and any recommendations we have

When we carry out repairs to your boiler we identify what has caused the issue in the first place. We then give you advice on how you can prevent this happening again or whether you need to think about a more permanent solution such as a boiler upgrade. Our aim is to help you run your home as safely and efficiently as possible so we always provide honest, expert advice that you can trust.

When your boiler breaks down you want reliable, qualified experts to get your home warmed up again as soon as possible. The Sylvadale team can help.

Don’t get left in the cold. Contact our team of experts today for all your boiler installations, services or repairs.