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At Sylvadale Plumbing & Heating were already compliant in the new domestic boiler installations standards. We will talk you through all the changes you need to be aware of in the planning of your new boiler or heating system, whether this is a combi or a conventional boiler, our focus is you at sylvadale and were happy to help whenever we can.Boiler Replacement

Boiler Plus, comes into force on 6th April 2018 in England, it’s part of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy to deliver high levels of efficiency and comfort, based on a your personal property and lifestyle, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. government fact sheet

What is Boiler Plus ?

New boiler , combi

It’s an amendment to Part L of the Building Regulations and is solely concerned with heating and hot water, which means it directly affects you.

Here are the three specific minimum standards you are required to meet:

1. The efficiency of the new boiler must be at least 92% ErP

2. Time and temperature controls must be fitted for all gas and oil boiler installations

3. Combi boiler installations, new or replacement, must include at least one of the following       technologies when fitted:

· weather compensation

· load compensation

· flue gas heat recovery

· smart control

As customers of sylvadale there is nothing for you to worry about we will talk you through every stage of the new standards and even inform building control that you new heating system meets all current and new building regulations.

Will it come at an extra cost ?

The new standards only apply when you are replacing your boiler, and can be met with a one-off
payment of as little as £50. This could be made back through the savings in bills, which will continue
to accrue long after the initial costs are recovered.

Some households already comply, without further investment.

A new boiler can be an expensive outgoing but sylvadale raises expectations for boilers so that if and when they are replace you  can be more confident that you are investing in an efficient product that will keep your bills as low as possible.

To get a quotation for boiler replacement or new central heating system

please contact us here at sylvadale we will be more than happy to help.Contact Sylvadale


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