Thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV)

Have you ever wondered what a TRV is for? Let’s shed some light on it for you. When properly selected and installed they make a big difference.


If your heating installer has designed your heating system well, a Thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV) will help reduce your heating cost, however it’s not only there to help with systems efficiency it also allows you to control your personal comfort level.

A TRV is designed to reach a predetermined temperature set by you the user, it then maintains this temperature by monitoring the temperature of the air that passes across it, opening and shutting automatically as required to maintain the temperature in the surrounding area.

But which TRV is right for your property? At Sylvadale Plumbing & Heating we will install the valve that best suits your needs, this may not be the cheapest or the latest on the market but we will aim to install the one that best suits your system requirements.

Inside each TRV head is a sensor, these can be wax or liquid and as they expand and contract they push on the valve seat to regulate the flow of water through the radiator.  A wax sensor has a slower reaction time so therefore could be seen to be slightly less efficient.

It’s also possible that TRV’s with wax sensors become less efficient over time. Why you ask? As time passes the wax inside the sensor will gradually become denser therefore need more heat to warm the wax up which allows the valve seat to activate and therefore using more energy.

If you planning on up grading your heating system it is always worth comparing the different options and it might be also be advisable to replace any broken or ageing TRV’s you have in your property.

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