New boiler New standards April 2018

New boiler / New standards

At Sylvadale Plumbing & Heating were already compliant in the new domestic boiler installations standards. We will talk you through all the changes you need to be aware of in the planning of your new boiler or heating system, whether this is a combi or a conventional boiler, our focus is you at sylvadale and were happy to help whenever we can.Boiler Replacement

Boiler Plus, comes into force on 6th April 2018 in England, it’s part of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy to deliver high levels of efficiency and comfort, based on a your personal property and lifestyle, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. government fact sheet

What is Boiler Plus ?

New boiler , combi

It’s an amendment to Part L of the Building Regulations and is solely concerned with heating and hot water, which means it directly affects you.

Here are the three specific minimum standards you are required to meet:

1. The efficiency of the new boiler must be at least 92% ErP

2. Time and temperature controls must be fitted for all gas and oil boiler installations

3. Combi boiler installations, new or replacement, must include at least one of the following       technologies when fitted:

· weather compensation

· load compensation

· flue gas heat recovery

· smart control

As customers of sylvadale there is nothing for you to worry about we will talk you through every stage of the new standards and even inform building control that you new heating system meets all current and new building regulations.

Will it come at an extra cost ?

The new standards only apply when you are replacing your boiler, and can be met with a one-off
payment of as little as £50. This could be made back through the savings in bills, which will continue
to accrue long after the initial costs are recovered.

Some households already comply, without further investment.

A new boiler can be an expensive outgoing but sylvadale raises expectations for boilers so that if and when they are replace you  can be more confident that you are investing in an efficient product that will keep your bills as low as possible.

To get a quotation for boiler replacement or new central heating system

please contact us here at sylvadale we will be more than happy to help.Contact Sylvadale


Customer Feedback / Reviews

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The review’s listed below have been gathered from our website listing with the Trading Standards Approved  Buy with Confidence  scheme and recent reviews left on our listing.

We’re all very proud to have 5star rating and plan to continue to provide a 5star service over the coming months   and years.





Comments from consumers who have used Sylvadale Plumbing & Heating since June 2017

Sylvadale Provide a great service and great work, thanks, Reviewed 03-Oct-2017

Reliable and honest! Sylvadale are a very honest, reliable, professional company, they carry out gas safety tests, replacement gas cookers, central heating systems, repairs, plumbing, and are licensed to work with LPG gas as well. The fitters are friendly and polite. I use Sylvadale in the line of my business on a regular basis and I also recommend them to my friends. I have total peace of mind that when Sylvadale say they are going to do a job, it gets done, it gets done proper and it is done for a fair price, Reviewed 24-Jun-2017


Ever wondered about Thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV)

Thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV)

Have you ever wondered what a TRV is for? Let’s shed some light on it for you. When properly selected and installed they make a big difference.


If your heating installer has designed your heating system well, a Thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV) will help reduce your heating cost, however it’s not only there to help with systems efficiency it also allows you to control your personal comfort level.

A TRV is designed to reach a predetermined temperature set by you the user, it then maintains this temperature by monitoring the temperature of the air that passes across it, opening and shutting automatically as required to maintain the temperature in the surrounding area.

But which TRV is right for your property? At Sylvadale Plumbing & Heating we will install the valve that best suits your needs, this may not be the cheapest or the latest on the market but we will aim to install the one that best suits your system requirements.

Inside each TRV head is a sensor, these can be wax or liquid and as they expand and contract they push on the valve seat to regulate the flow of water through the radiator.  A wax sensor has a slower reaction time so therefore could be seen to be slightly less efficient.

It’s also possible that TRV’s with wax sensors become less efficient over time. Why you ask? As time passes the wax inside the sensor will gradually become denser therefore need more heat to warm the wax up which allows the valve seat to activate and therefore using more energy.

If you planning on up grading your heating system it is always worth comparing the different options and it might be also be advisable to replace any broken or ageing TRV’s you have in your property.

Sylvadale Plumbing & heating launches its fresh new website

At Sylvadale our focus is you.


sylvadale logo

Therefore after many months of hard work behind the scenes our new look website has arrived with the focus on you our customer.

Our website has been completely redesigned to suit the continual growth of both our customers and business needs.

A big part of the design specification was to make it more user friendly, allowing easier navigation for our customers, and help them find the services they need. With the fresh new look and feel we’re sure this will go a long way in achieving our end goal. To help our valued customers even more we have added a host of new pages, highlighting even more of the plumbing & heating services we offer at Sylvadale. A couple of these pages have gone that little bit further and now offer our customers the opportunity to watch a short YouTube clip. Allowing those whom wish to use these services more information on what to expect; as trends change we will be able to update and refresh these clips giving our customers an update view.

Another major change to our website is the addition of our blog post. This gives us the opportunity to keep all our customers informed of what’s been happening in the business and what’s coming up in the future that may be helpful to them.

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